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What to do install the latest node discount paragon canada goose vest store online . js on Ubuntu.
Node. js is an event-based and non-blocking I/O framework — built on Chrome’s JavaScript engine. Its goal is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs.

However in the repository of the brand new Ubuntu 12. 10 (Quantal Quetzal) the nodejs package has the version number 0 paragon canada goose vest store online . 6. 19 while the current version is 0, canada goose kensington berry outlet store . 8. 14 as of this writing. Unfortunately many nodes — that’s how node. js applications are called — are constantly under development and often depend on a newer version.

If you are trying to install a node with the node package manager but providing an old node environment. you most probably expierence a similar error message to the one below.

npm ERR. error installing ws@0. 4. 22 npm WARN This failure might be due to the use of legacy binary "node" npm WARN For further explanations. please read npm WARN /usr/share/doc/nodejs/README. Debian npm WARN npm ERR paragon canada goose vest store online inexpensive . ws@0. 4. 22 install. `node install, discount canada goose north bay parka . js` npm ERR paragon canada goose vest store online . `sh "-c" "node install. js"` failed with 127 npm ERR inexpensive paragon canada goose vest store online . npm ERR. Failed at the ws@0. 4. 22 install script. npm ERR. This is most likely a problem with the ws package. npm ERR. not with npm itself. npm ERR. Tell the author that this fails on your system. npm ERR. node install. js npm ERR. You can get their info via. npm ERR paragon canada goose vest store online . npm owner ls ws npm ERR. There is likely additional logging output above. npm ERR. npm ERR. System Linux 3. 5. 0-17-generic npm ERR. command "/usr/bin/nodejs" "/usr/bin/npm" "install" "ws" npm ERR. cwd /home/slopjong/ npm ERR. node -v v0. 6. 19 npm ERR. npm -v 1, discount canada goose reality . 1. 4 npm ERR. code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR. message ws@0. 4. 22 install. `node install paragon canada goose vest store online buy . js` npm ERR. message `sh "-c" "node install difference between canada goose chilliwack yorkville cheap . js"` failed with 127 npm ERR. errno

At the moment the repository has version 0 discount canada goose migration map . 8. 14 included while the latest version is version 0. 10. This tutorial has been updated and successfully tested.

As maintaining old tutorials and old blog posts costs time. feel free to donate me a virtual beer. Drop me a message here and tell me what your favourite donation channel is (like flattr whehere I haven’t an account yet).


The nodejs package depends on a couple of other packages. be sure that you have the repository component universe enabled.

# in /etc/apt/sources. list deb http. //archive. ubuntu. com/ubuntu quantal main restricted universe deb http parka canada goose trillium cheap . //security. ubuntu. com/ubuntu quantal-security main restricted universe deb http. //archive. ubuntu. com/ubuntu quantal-updates main restricted universe

Installation steps

In order to get a more recent nodejs version you need to add a personal package archive (ppa) and update the package index files. To do so open Terminal and execute the following commands.

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties sudo add-apt-repository ppa canada goose dealer boston 2015 . chris-lea/node. js sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nodejs

Pay attention to the second line paragon canada goose vest store online . if you are trying to execute apt-apt-repository you won’t have luck.

Install the node package manager

Update (March 15th. 2013)
You no longer need to install npm separately as nodejs includes it now.

To manage your nodes it’s recommended to install the node package manager (npm) too.

sudo apt-get install npm

Update (March 20th. 2013)
It looks like somebody forgot to pay his bill. The link to the script is currently broken.

Update (April 15th. 2013. 19. 50 UTC+2)
A guy from Israel has grabbed the domain which has expired three and a half hours ago.




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